Wolf Creek TV Mini-Series (2016)


“Didn’t expect that, did ya?”

Wolf Creek is the horrific gift that keeps on giving. For horror, terror, and tension (with a sprinkling of gallows humor) I can’t think of another franchise that stands as proud. Two movies and one TV series in and I’m still loving the twisty turny tale of the various attempts to stop serial killer Mick Taylor.

It is always an odd proposition to have a likeable bad guy and in Mick Taylor, superbly brought to life by John Jarratt, I feel we have one of the most likeable bad guys of them all. As brutal and despicable as his acts are his humor constantly reminds us that he is a person, not just a caricature like the mute Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers.

Both Wolf Creek features have given us hapless protagonists that we, the audience, know will probably never better Mick but might, if they’re lucky, escape his clutches relatively unscathed.

The beauty of the TV series is that we are back in familiar territory in some respects but this time we have the story of a victim who refuses to give up and die, refuses to back down, and is not looking to escape Mick Taylor but to find him.

Lucy Fry plays Eve Thorogood, an American tourist traveling in the the outback of North-Western Australia who is the victim of a shocking crime against her family that we see in the opening scenes of the first episode. Left for dead she recovers and decides that rather than flee back to the States she is going to bring Mick Taylor to justice.

What makes this mini-series work so well is that at the outset we see that Eve is completely ill-equipped to deal with day to day life never mind taking on a cunning monster like Mick Taylor. Her bullish determination to keep going despite the odds makes this show a start to finish nail-biter. Initially all I wanted her to do was give up and go home. She was clearly in way over her head. Her journey begins as a catalog of missteps, misjudgements, and mistakes but she learns and as she learns she grows.

Lucy Fry is outstanding as Eve. Having previously been in Greg McLean‘s meh feature The Darkness she makes that movie instantly forgettable with her powerhouse performance as a stranger in a strange land. Director Greg McLean is similarly back in my good books with this TV series after the aforementioned feature effort. Although he was only an Executive producer on the series allowing Tony Tilse to ably direct the majority of the episodes, Greg did direct the final chapter and it is an exciting and fitting climax to the series.

Lucy Fry is my new fave last woman standing with a performance that I think is the new high water mark for any potential Final Girls. There isn’t a bad performance to be found with everyone in the cast playing their roles spot on.

I’m generally so busy that I can’t recall the last time I binge-watched anything but I’m so glad that the stars aligned to allow me to see this whole series in one sitting. It was superb TV, superb horror, and superb drama. Top score!

The movie: 10 out of 10
Hero: Eve Thorogood.
Two word review: Bloody hell!

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