Prevenge (2016)

Plot paragraph …

Ruth is heavily pregnant. She is also killing people at the request of her unborn child that speaks to her in her mind.

Prevenge is a wonderfully realized, future classic, dark little British comedy written and directed by its lead actor, Alice Lowe. It is in turns funny and violent, with a touch of shocking thrown in. While some of the murderous set pieces are darkly humorous, the actual killings are painfully realistic stabbings with a bloody huge kitchen knife.

In terms of the plot I think it’s best to know nothing and just go and see it if you feel so inclined. The plot itself is quite slight so the less you know the better. If you like dark comedy and specifically British humour Prevenge is a movie for you.

Alice Lowe wisely chose to keep the focus of the movie tightly on Ruth and the relationship she has with her dark in-utero task-master, who calls for death after death.

Outside of Ruth are a small cast of excellent actors (like Kate Dickie from The VVitch) who nail their small parts perfectly.

While I feel quite odd calling what could be seen as a violent slasher movie “quirky, warm, and chuckle inducing” Prevenge was all of the above for me.

According to Mark Kermode and The Grauniad (deliberate typo, thank you) newspaper “Lowe wrote Prevenge while pregnant, and shot it in a fortnight shortly before giving birth” which makes this a labor (sorry) of love that should be applauded.

I’m not going dive any deeper into the meaning of it all. I will leave it to other websites to go on about the underlying message(s) of the movie, the metaphors, the subtext, misogyny within society, the post-feminist angle, and all that other yadda yadda.

I am a far simpler soul. I thought Prevenge was a fun, small and perfectly formed little ‘orrah comedy that does exactly what it says on the box. While Prevenge does not blast either humor or horror into uncharted territory it is bloody, smart and it works.

Two word review: Funny. Violent.

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