Although some of my categories should be blindingly obvious, here’s an overview:

Britland – Welsh, Northern Irish, Scottish, and English stuff.
Canucks – Bob and Doug McKenzie were involved.
Eurozone – Welkom, bienvenue, willkommen, and välkommen.
FastForwardLand – Please, please, just end!
FoFo – Shaky-Cam pretense that it’s real.
G’day! – Antipodean.
Gold Seam – Cream of the crop.
Laughtastic – There will be humor / humour.
Old Skool – Pre-internet & smartphone.
Oooooh … Scary. Exactly.
PCT – Everyone has a PCT (Personal Cheesiness Threshold). This warns of cheese ahead!
Sci-Fi – Aliens ‘n’ stuff.
Splat! – Gory story.
There be monsters! – The clue is in the name.
Thrillery – Thrilling elements or maybe just a thriller that wants be horror.
TV Movie – It’s a movie, wait for it, made for television.
Uncategorized – I forgot to add a category. It happens sometimes.
World Cinema – It’s from ‘out there’ somewhere in the big world.
Yankee – ‘Merican!

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