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I grew up in the North of Scotland. Odd for a English kid from Manchester but there it is.

As a kid, back in 1980, I rode on the bus two miles from the trailer I lived in at the time to visit the tiny local cinema. I think it seated maybe 70 people. The bloke at the door, having only sold half a dozen tickets before my arrival and seeing no adults about, took my money and allowed me in to see two hot “new” movies of the day. David Cronenberg’s The Brood followed by George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

Suffice to say I was scared silly and thrilled beyond belief. What a rush!

When the movies were over I was the last one out because I stayed to watch the credits. Who were George Romero, Dario Argento, Goblin, and Tom Savini? ( I would find out a few weeks later when issue number one of a new magazine called Fangoria appeared).

When I stepped outside the cinema all the lights clicked off and it was dark. Not 21st century “city” dark, but rural Scotland bloody pitch black dark.

I’d missed the last bus home so I walked two miles down the lonely country lanes alone. Yes it was cold, wet, and windy just like in the movies. It was probably a long walk home but, as scared as I was, I didn’t really care because I’d just fallen in love and life would never be the same.

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