Month: May 2016

Wolf Creek TV Mini-Series (2016)

“Didn’t expect that, did ya?” Wolf Creek is the horrific gift that keeps on giving. For horror, terror, and tension (with a sprinkling of gallows humor) I can’t think of another franchise that stands as proud. Two movies… Read More

Under The Shadow (2015)

After her husband, a doctor, is called away to the front lines of war a mother and their young daughter are left at home to face an ancient evil. It may not sound like much but when that… Read More

The Darkness (2016)

The Darkness is good if you are a thirteen year old out for some fun frights with friends. If you’re not thirteen … hmmmm. It’s hard to have anything constructive or nice to say because any experienced viewer,… Read More

Lights Camera Blood! (2015)

Lights … Camera … Herschell Gordon Lewis is known as the “Godfather of Gore” because of his horror output during the Sixties and Seventies. While Mario Bava and the gentlemen at Hammer films may have a different view… Read More

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