Month: March 2016

Robin Redbreast (1970)

“But they are only stories of course.” Television script editor Norah Palmer is 35 and recently single after a long-term relationship ended with her being the one left behind. Although successful she is tired of her city life…. Read More

Doghouse (2009)

“As a bloke, and a nobhead, I approve this message.” DeeOmen Most blokes are nobheads. We act all tough but can you imagine a bloke going through the pain of giving birth? Never gonna happen. For all the… Read More

Dogs (1976)

Every dog (movie) has it’s day. I like a genuinely great cinematic experience as much as anyone. Sure, everyone needs to find time for Seven Samurai, The Red Shoes, or [insert favorite classic here]. However, I am also… Read More

The Exorcist III (1990)

Third times the charm. To be clear the story of The Exorcist III is actually two stories. There is the story one sees on the screen lasting 110 minutes and then there is the story of all the… Read More

Orphan (2009)

Does not play well with others. Kate and John Coleman (comfortably portrayed by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) are a successful couple of professionals with two kids, not quite teen Danny and five year old Max. Kate teaches… Read More

Hands of the Ripper (1971)

Anna! ANNA! As a kid Anna sees her father murder her mother and is, obviously, traumatized by the event. To make matters worse her father was Jack the Ripper. Yeah, I know, but keep going. Fast forward fifteen… Read More

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